Thanksgiving in Lake Chelan

11/05/2018 | by Sage Vacation Rentals | Vacation Rentals

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. Lake Chelan has so much beauty to offer every season of the year! The local population takes pride in this amazing location. The gorgeous snow showering over the Valley in the Winter, beautiful rain showers and blossoms of Spring, the way the sunlight sparkles as it hits the clear blue Lake in the Summer, not to mention the quiet and tranquil serenity of Fall.

Here’s your guide to planning your Thanksgiving get-away!

What to pack:

Planning a trip of any sort requires you to bring along everything that's important to you!
Going away for Thanksgiving is huge! Make sure you pack all the essentials!
  • Warm clothing
    • Sweaters, jackets, sweats, anything comfortable and cozy!
  • Special cookware
    • Making something special? Don’t be caught away from home without it! (i.e. blenders, crock-pots, etc.)
  • Swimsuits
  • Camera
    • Lake Chelan has the special ability to make memories that’ll last a lifetime, bring a camera to capture the magic.
  • Décor
    • If you’re thinking about giving it that extra touch, you should pack some décor that’ll bring your rental to life!

Dinner Must Haves:

You can't have Thanksgiving away from home without these delicious comfort foods!
Essential Dinner Must Have’s!

Where to Stay:

Black Friday Shopping:

Enjoy some amazing deals at Swim World Chelan! They have gorgeous Christmas Décor!
Swim World Chelan has switched to their Christmas mode!
  • Local Shoppes will be open Friday morning! (i.e. Swim World Chelan)
  • There’s a bigger city nearby (Wenatchee, WA) that offers tons of large retail stores, as well as some local shoppes.
  • Chelan Walmart will also be open late Thanksgiving Day with their doorbusters.
  • Most importantly, plan your summer vacation with Sage Vacation Rentals and receive a rare 20% Discount starting November 19th!

Reasons for going away this Thanksgiving:

Life is too fast and we're always so focused on how to make money, that we often forget to enjoy the memories and laughter.
Enjoy the family’s company!
  • Quiet town, quiet home
    • Most of our out-of-town guests live in larger cities, like Seattle, that have loud noises coming from all sorts of directions. Chelan is a peaceful valley that gives an escape from noise.
  • Break from the busy life
    • Not only are most of our guests living in loud areas, but they’re also living a lifestyle that keeps them on-the-go. Sure it’s important to make money and keep bringing dinner to the table, but you need a break or an escape from the fast lane, sit back and smell the wine in Lake Chelan.
  • Make memories
    • Coming to Lake Chelan gives you, and those you love, an opportunity to get back to what really matters; family. Your kids go off to school, hang out with friends, you’ve got business trips, or meetings all day, take the chance to sit back and enjoy this time with your family.


Of what your reasoning is to need a break from the usual, we understand! We welcome you to make a trip out for Thanksgiving. To show you our appreciation we’re doing a month of Tensgiving! With this offer, if you choose to redeem it, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any booking in November! For those planning a trip for Thanksgiving, you’ll receive a pie from Sage. From all of us at Sage, Happy Tensgiving!

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